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Out with Homework, In with Life

Students are not excelling in school because they have to stay up into the late hours of the night to finish homework. This creates sleep deprivation and a lack of motivation. If students don't get any sleep, they won't be able to focus during school. They won't remember anything that they learned that day. Homework can be very discouraging to students. They will try to answer the questions and solve the assigned problems, but they turn in their work and they receive a bad grade. This creates a slight loss of self confidence in the classroom and in turn, makes the student less likely to participate during classroom discussions. And instead of acknowledging the bad grades and helping the students with poor grades, the teacher expects students to come in on their own to get extra help. Some students would be afraid to go in and ask for help; they don't want to look needy in the eyes of their peers. Other students do not have the time to receive extra help. Students like to participate in extracurricular activities and sports. Other students have jobs and it is a big part of their lives. Some students go home to their families and they all spend time together. There are so many things students do before and after school and having these extra activities and jobs can create many opportunities to enhance their futures. Having a job after school is a great way for students to get first hand experience into the working world. Participating in sports is a great way for students to release stress and get exercise. It can also be the foundation for a potential future in professional sports. Having to restrict these activities so students can do homework, is an indirect way of restricting how far students can prepare themselves for life after high school. Students should be given the opportunity to rest, spend time with family/friends, go to work, go to sports practice, go see the school play, practice an instrument, etc. The worst possible thing, however is to make a student go home and do more school work. David Martin's math classes used to be given homework, but they also used to have a drop out rate of 40%. Homework in his class had always seemed to "buoy the strong and discourage the weak. The students who could do the 30 problems at home, probably didn't need to do them, while the less math-savvy struggled with even one problem." So, after hours of conducting online research about the benefits of homework and having found very little evidence that he found convincing, it was decided that homework had to go. Now, three years later, his class looks totally different: Students work on one or two harder, critical-thinking problems per class and are encouraged to take their time and be creative. No work goes home. The drop-out/failure rate is now 4% to 5% and the class average remains the same. "This kid I met after school in summer time told me 'If I had to do daily homework, I would have failed,'" said Mr. Martin. Another former student told Mr. Martin he aced his university math course thanks to the no homework approach. In conclusion, please examine the facts, recognize the problems homework has, and can, cause, and consider the removal of homework from Lexington School District 1.

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